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Cowgirl Chocolates Answer 1 Based on the information about retail and wholesale prices of cowgirl chocolate that is mentioned in case study the merits of following pricing method can be revealed. Cost-based Pricing The cowgirl chocolate may cut down the cost of product packaging and advertisings.


In order to do this kind of advertising practices cowgirl has to link their company website to the mentioned search engines. The behavior of consumer is changing rapidly in this modern era of globalization. After the Second World War due to globalization the attraction of people is changing towards the advanced technology. Moreover by the website advertising strategy company can target a mass number of customers. This strategy will lower the advertising cost of the products of cowgirl chocolate as the company has to invest lees in this total page of commercial than the print media marketing (Ferrell and Hartline, 2010, p.153). The real fact is that many customers are linked by the internet while the readers of magazines are in limited numbers. In terms of product packaging strategy, company need not look for the creativity or artistic to pack the products. The quality of food product can do the appropriate market segmentation. Cowgirl chocolate should look for the suppliers who will supply the packaging raw material at a lower price. These two aspects can increase the profitability of the organization. Demand-based Pricing The major competency of cowgirl chocolate is that they launched chocolate products with a kick of little spiciness. ...
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