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Quality Assurance - Essay Example

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Total quality management Assignment Total quality management in RWDI Name Total quality management in RWDI Total Quality Management in RWDI 1.0 Introduction Total Quality Management is a core aspect in all businesses that are in quest for performance. TQM is a management system that focuses on customers…

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Quality Assurance

Therefore, it is in the interest of a firm to ensure the goods that are produced are of high quality and are appealing to the market as a whole. In making this a reality, the firms have to indulge various aspects which include strategic planning, data collection and effective communication; both inside and outside the firm. The Core Concepts of Quality and Total Quality There are various concepts that are used by firms and businesses to improve the quality of production. When these concepts are implemented the firm gains by giving satisfactory results to customers. The first concept in TQM is developing customer focus (Rawlins, 2008:12). Customers create the main demand for the products and services that are offered, and will have direct impact on the performance of a business. Therefore, as a measure in a firm, it should structure the best ways of creating an impressive reception from the customers. This can be done by ensuring the products that are produced according to customers’ needs. Production in a firm involves transforming raw materials to finished goods, which are used by the clients. Therefore, a business has to ensure it is centred on the production process, which will generate finished goods. This is a concept that involves structured processes that are repetitive. ...
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