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MCDONALD’S IN INDIA Name Course Instructor Institution Date Evolution of McDonald’s: Growth in the Indian Market Introduction Through TV advertisements, viral campaigns, print media and in-store promotions, the marketing campaigns of McDonald’s in its Indian market aims at promoting its products and services within this unique market.


However, the real problem which the company is facing in India is the dilemma of implementing the international food standards and at the same time meeting the unique tastes and preferences of the Indians. The success of the company in the market can be evaluated using Porter’s Five Forces. Therefore the competitive forces within the market, the power of suppliers and buyers and the threat of new entrants and substitutes are the forces against which the evolution of McDonald’s in the Indian market can be analyzed. PEST Analysis Political Factors McDonald’s international expansion faced political challenges because “not everyone in the world was happy to welcome McDonald’s into their country” (Center for Management Research, 2011). However, India has been described as one of the world’s largest democracies, a factor which is attributed to the liberalization of business activities within the country. Because of this liberalization McDonald’s was allowed to enter the Indian market for its food products. Regardless of this liberalization, foreign investors are only allowed to operate in India through partnership and as a result, the company has ventured into partnerships with local investors such as Hardcastle Restaurants Private Limited which provide food products to the Indian market. ...
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