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Market Solution Name University Market Solution Identification of the problem Classic Airlines is one of the most successful airlines operating today and happens to be the fifth best airlines operating around the globe. The success of the company can be measured through the fleet of 375 aircrafts that are operational in more than 240 regions at a daily average of more than 2300 flights.


Recently, the organization experienced a drop in the share prices by 10%. The organization is said to be suffering from low employee satisfaction as reported by popular media such as the Wall Street. The organization has even started experiencing a decrease in customer loyalty as the organization has seen a decline in the enrollment of the customers in the Reward program of the organization. The airlines witnessed a 20% decline in the customers enrolling in the reward program and they have started shifting towards the competitors of the airlines. The airline is even suffering from the issue of an increase in the operating costs due to increased labor and fuel cost. The organization can alter its problematic situation and can earn higher profits. Its problems can help it grow and attain success; they need to carefully handle the entire problematic situation. While dealing with the issue of decline in customers, the airline needs to distinguish between its essential customers and everyday customers. They need to provide more personalized services to certain customers which will help the airlines to gain attention in the market. The customers will further help the airline in increasing their customer base. ...
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