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The essence of marketing is to offer products and services that are needed by the consumers but this process demands investigation of a certain targeted market place especially buyer behaviour which puts the buyers at the forefront of decision making process towards purchasing a certain good or service (Lancaster & Reynolds, 1999).


In order to understand these factors, it is imperative to begin by explaining the meaning of buyer or consumer behaviour. The main body of the paper will evaluate the role played by different factors in light of neuroscience. “Consumer behaviour comprises the behaviour patterns of decision units (individuals as well as families) which precede, determine and follow on the decision making process for the acquisition of need satisfying products, ideas and services,” (Strydom, 2004, p.2). On the other hand, McCarty & Perreault (1996) posit to the effect that the needs of the consumers, their motives, perceptions, attitudes, learning abilities and their personality have a bearing on their consumption patterns and buyer behaviour towards certain market offerings. Of notable concern is the fact that the consumers do not live in isolation from others and their buying behaviour is also impacted by factors such as culture and other social factors obtaining in their respective social environments. Aspects such as cultural and reference groups, family and the social class system impact on the buying behaviour of different people and these should be taken into consideration by the marketers. The study of buyer behaviour mainly draws from psychology with additional inputs mainly from sociology as well as Economics (Lancaster &Reynolds, 1999). ...
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