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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Repositioning In the field of marketing, positioning describes the process that marketers use to try and create an identity or image for their business, brand or product in the minds of the targeted market groups (Trout & Rivkin 2).


Repositioning is a significant marketer’s tool that lends an existing brand an edge over the competition, builds loyalty and recognition and improves sales (Moore 12). This paper will describe the repositioning of Hobnobs, a biscuit brand manufactured and marketed by United Kingdom based McVitie’s, a business franchise owned by United Biscuits. With more than 60 brands of biscuits, McVitie's is the leading biscuit baker in the United Kingdom (Moore 10). It also operates in more than 24 countries and owns 46 manufacturing premises. The initial position of Hobnobs, classified as an everyday biscuits, was to take advantage of their wholesomeness and home baked taste. To this end, the marketing approach by McVitie’s was to target a market of people over 35 years of age, in equal measures of both male and female. This group was believed to have the capacity to meet the expense of the choice of branded and luxury biscuits. Consumers perceived Hobnobs as an interesting and lively brand that had a distinct image. Based on this information, McVitie’s saw the need to capitalize on the brand’s strength, hence the reason for the repositioning. Although McVitie’s had a flourishing and loyal customer base in the over 35 group, a research indicated that there were more considerable opportunities in marketing Hobnobs to a younger and wider audience (McVitie’s 1). ...
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