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Business-to-Business Marketing Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Marketing Mix 4 2.1 Marketing Mix Concept 4 2.2 Marketing Mix of TCL 4 2.2.1 Product 4 2.2.2 Price 5 2.2.3 Place 5 2.2.4 Promotion 6 2.2.5 People 6 2.2.6 Process 7 2.2.7 Physical Evidence 7 3.0 Relationship Variables and Business Networks 8 3.1 Importance of Business-to-Business Relationship and Network 8 3.2 Importance of Business-to-Business Relationships and Network for TCL 9 4.0 Structuring The Sales Force 12 4.1 Customer Based Sales Force 12 4.2 Geographical Based Sales Force 12 4.3 Product Based Sales Force 13 5.0 Conclusion 15 6.0 References 17 7.0 Bibliography 20 1.0 Introduction Business-to-business refers to a m


The company is based in Cambridge, United Kingdom and employs around 25 staff. Business-to-business relationship plays a major role in the long run. During the periods of economic downturn also business relationships have proved to be extremely helpful to an organisation by minimising the amount of threats and uncertainties in the business. The objective of the paper is to analyse the marketing mix concept in terms of Triangle Creative Ltd (TCL) and to evaluate which marketing mix approach would be more effective in the business-to-business sector for TCL. Certain suggestions have also been mentioned in this paper with regards to the Triangle Creative Ltd in order to remain competitive in the advertising and marketing sector. ...
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