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Ferris proved to be an abundant source of ideas and could draft reports for Turner in a breeze and could deal with awkward customers effectively. Ferris influence on Turner grew to the point that he could make decisions in Turners behalf. Other managers particularly Blackham became resentful of this alleging that Turner abdicated his leadership to Ferris because it seemed that it is Ferris who is running his office. Soon, Ferris demanded to be promoted as Deputy Sales Manager which Turner agreed. Upon asking the Director of Sales for the position to be created, he was asked why so when his department is small to warrant a deputy. Turner was forced to disclose that he had been depending on Ferris to get things done that much of the responsibilities in his department is already headed by Ferris. The Sales Director was dismayed and is now considering whether or not he should intervene and impose changes. II. Appraisal of the situation Charles Turner dependency towards Jim Ferris finally took its toll when Ferris demanded to be his Deputy that made the Sales Director consider whether or not he should intervene and impose changes. ...
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The Practice of Public Administration Class University Date I. Summary of the case Charles Turner was promoted as manager of the Electrical Insulation Materials Sales Department of the big Universal Fiber and Textile Company. He had his reservation about his ability to lead the department not to mention that his predecessor Frank Spofforth did not give him much time to be acquainted with his new responsibility that he found himself in sole command just days after his promotion…
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