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Ethics in Marketing Name: Institution: Ethics in Marketing Marketing ethics refers to the area of applied ethics that deals with the decent principles behind the regulation and operation of marketing (Stevens, 2004). However, there have been a lot of scandals regarding numerous organisations out there regarding their marketing.


The FSAI - Food Safety Authority of Ireland - carried out tests on a variety of salami and beef products whose expiry dates were from June 2012 to March 2014. Of the 27 meat products examined, 37 percent had positive horse DNA and 85 percent had positive pig DNA. Of 31 meat sample products tested, 21 samples were proved to have pig DNA; however none was found with positive horse DNA. 19 salami samples were examined, but were negative from all unfamiliar DNA. Of the 37 percent of beef samples that were found to have positive horse DNA, Tesco Burgers carried 29.1 percent of these samples (The British Assessment Bureau, n.d). All other examined supermarkets and food chain stores had less than 0.3% horse DNA. This type of meat -horse meat - is not a usual food consumed by people. Religious or sacred groups such as the Jewish or Muslim cannot eat certain types of meat, in particular pig (Brummer, 2012). The obscurity of Tesco burgers is that the plants, from which the meat in question came from, do not produce horse meat. This implies that cross-contamination is not likely, if not possible. ...
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