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­­­Name: Subject: Course: Date: Winter 2013 Final exam 1. Denon, a manufacturer of semi-professional audio components sells the same basic version of their surround sound receivers using different model numbers and finishes (silver, black, gold tone) depending on the market in which it is intended to sell.


Therefore, marketers need to have different marketing strategies for each and every market where it is being sold and marketed. This is the reason why Denon sells its surround sound receivers with different model numbers, features (silver, black, gold tone) as well as warranties in order to cater to the unique needs of these markets. In order to combat the problem of different needs of the markets, a lot of marketers make a specific marketing plan for a particular product and then they adjust this plan depending on the market where it is being sold in order to fulfill the needs of the customers of this market. For example, many organizations sell their products in hundreds of markets all over the world. It is impossible to make specific marketing plans and strategies for each and every market. Therefore, these marketers make a common international marketing plan and then, they make adjustments to these plans and strategies according to the specific and unique needs of the market. 2. What are the problems you are likely to encounter with the distribution of your products in: China, Japan, and India? Which country poses the biggest problem? Explain your answer. With rapid globalization, companies are now selling their products in different countries worldwide. All of these countries have different markets with unique needs and characteristics. ...
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