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International Gaming – The Philippines - Research Paper Example

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Manila, the capital city of The Philippines, is home to a diverse variety of domestically-based and foreign-based casinos and casino resorts. With a total population of 1.65 million people, Manila is the second largest city in the country and one with considerable commercial development that continue to give the city much needed tourism revenues…

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International Gaming – The Philippines

International Gaming Research Paper – The Philippines

Since 1990, Manila has experienced explosive growth in casino development from major players such as Hyatt Hotels and Casinos, Tropicana Casino, The Belle Grand Manila Bay, and the Pharaoh Hotel; to name only a few. Casino development has occurred not only as a product of de-regulation in this industry, but by using government prowess and marketing to lure foreign investment into the country. Unlike many other Asian nations, the government regulatory environment designed to control casino gambling and development is much more liberal, as the government of The Philippines is an electoral system similar to the democratic structure of the United States. This liberal system designed to foster commercial development and support has contributed to rapid expansion of the casino gaming industry in the country. There are difficulties in this industry in the Philippines, however, associated with fragmented regulatory systems designed to control gaming operations. House Representative Danilo Suarez, frustrated with the fragmentation of existing regulatory bodies, was able to foster House support for the creation of a National Gaming Commission that would serve as the singular body to control casino licensing and building cohesion with the disjointed legal systems that currently monitor gaming. It was only recently that Manila achieved an organized system of regulatory authorities that have ensured reasonable provisions are developed to control casino operations, thereby providing gamblers with just gaming systems. ...
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