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The Decline of Dial-Up Internet Service BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE The Decline of Dial-Up Internet Service Dial-Up and Target Demographics Advancements in Internet technologies, including mobile devices designed to sustain faster and more efficient mobile Internet services, have pushed dial-up Internet well into the decline stage.


Why, though, is dial-up Internet service in the decline stage along the product life cycle? According to the U.S. Census conducted in 2010, metropolitan areas experienced much faster growth than rural regions, by a rate of 4.9 percent (, 2011). This means that consumers are seeking opportunities to migrate to metropolitan or suburban areas at a much faster pace than those looking for rural living opportunities. It is in the urban regions of the United States where major, contemporary Internet providers have developed the appropriate technologies and support tools to sustain broadband Internet access as well as service providers along service networks that provide multitudes of options, today, for abandoning dial-up services. In essence, these migrating shifts away from rural locations gave consumers much more opportunities to explore faster and more efficient non-dial-up Internet service providers. Rationale for Explaining Dial-Up Decline According to Michael Porter (2011), a respected business theorist, threats to sustaining a product and ensuring longevity, thus avoiding decline, include threats of substitutes on the market. ...
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