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Case Study example - local economic development project

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Case Study
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LOCAL SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PROJECT CASE STUDY: WALSH RANCH Submitted By Prepared for Class Name Date Your Name Teacher Name Class name Today’s Date Local Sustainable Economic Development Project Case Study: Walsh Ranch The Earth has been engulfed by the economic sustainability revolution in the past decade…

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Benefits of Sustainable Economic Development Implementing such strategies has numerous benefits; like innovative use of all possible resources lead to jobs increase, new income sources, and high rate of productivity for the people; for the ecology the benefits result from the promotion of use of clean and renewable energy; the economy benefits from all the above leading to growth in economy, which will improve the living standards, jobs, incomes and will provide opportunity to expand businesses (Nixon “Sustainable economic development strategies”) The Four Greens The objectives that are attained or are to be met by such economic development are known as the four greens namely; savings, opportunities, talent, places (Nixon “Best Practices”). Walsh Ranch: A stable economy initiative Walsh Ranch is a master planned community that is aimed at achieving sustainable economic development. It is the largest planned community in north Texas; the ranch is located west of Fort Worth, within Parker and Tarrant counties (Dunaway Associates). ...
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