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Apple Table of Contents Question 1 3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 4 Marco Framework 5 Question 2 8 Internal Aspects of Apple 8 Financial Appraisal 9 Resource Based View of Apple 10 Value Chain Linkages of Apple 12 Question 3 13 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 13 External Stakeholder Issues in Apple 14 Reputation Management 15 Brand Equity 17 Question 4 18 References 22 Bibliography 28 Question 1 The smartphone and tablet industry is considered as one of the rapidly developing industries in the world.


Due to this reason, tablets with the facility of mobile have appeared as perfect product which can satisfy the demand of customers (Infinite Research, n.d.). The smartphone and tablet PC industry is characterised by creativity, dependability and expandability. Smartphone and tablets are highly innovative products with trendy features where numerous factors can inspire the demand of this industry such as usage of internet among customers, increased competitiveness and delivery of smartphones and tablets among others. In this regards, the five forces model presented by Michael Porter is an excellent tool for assessing the smart phone and the tablet industry. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Rivalry The smart phone and tablet industry is unstable and competitive which gives rise to considerable rivalry. In order to survive in this industry there is need for continuous development of new products and incorporate innovative technologies for encouraging customers’ demand. ...
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