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Sony Corporation Name University Marketing is the most important component of any business regardless of its type and size. It plays the vital role in growth of businesses. The purpose of this assignment is to know about marketing, its different types and how Sony Inc uses marketing and apply different marketing tactics to it to sustain in this competitive environment (AMA, 2004).


Marketing can be said as identifying the wants of the customer and providing them with those wants at a price they are willing to buy. It is not only about advertising your product but also making sure that your marketing of a product reaches to the right target market. To get better results, we use several components of marketing which include planning, pricing, promotion and distribution (Kotler, 2012). The concept of 4p’s that is product, pricing, placement and promotion mixed together in an efficient manner gives out effective results (Joshi, 2005). Talking briefly about the 4p’s, they are said to be the backbone of marketing. Using the 4p’s in correct manner can bring out good results. The first P is taken as product, the product or service being sold by a company (Adcock & Al Halborg, 2001). This may include the product characteristics such as quality, design, service warranty, variety and brand name. The second P is the place. It concerns majorly with the target market of the company’s product. What product is made for whom and in what geographical location it should be sent the most is what is decided in place. ...
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