Target market and branding (Bayer Aspirin case)

Target market and branding (Bayer Aspirin case) Essay example
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Marketing plays a particularly significant role in managing a developing organization. It involves communicating the values of products or services to potential customers. Generally, marketing is the overall strategies as well as functions of promoting the products and services to the customers…


In addition, marketing helps to manage customer relationships in a way that benefits the organization as well as its shareholders (JFP, 2009). Marketing, as a science assists in choosing target markets through market segmentation and market analysis. Moreover, it does that through understanding the consumer behavior and through the provision of superior consumer value.
There are five leading marketing concepts which a firm can choose to carry out their business. These include the product concept, the production concept, the holistic marketing concept, the selling concept and the marketing concept
In conclusion, it is clear that marketing plays a very vital role in promoting products or services of any business organization. Bayer Aspirin needs to be marketed in order for its sales, to increase. Through marketing and identifying the target market, Bayer Aspirin can attract many customers.
Branding of Bayer Aspirin has also played a tremendously significant role in increasing the sales of the organization. Images on the packets of Bayer Aspirin give customers a good impression hence attracting customers as well as building customer loyalty. Through continuous marketing and branding, the Bayer Aspirin will attract more customers in the near future ...
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