Branding, Pricing and Distribution

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Branding, Pricing, and Distribution [Student’s name] [Course title] [Instructor’s name] [Date] Branding, Pricing, and Distribution Domestic and Global Branding Strategy Domestic Strategy Consistent Quality As UW offers product in United Kingdom, its branding strategy shall be based on providing consistent quality products because if a brand of a company fails to make an impression in their own country then it is less likely that the product will become a success outside the country.


Therefore, to gain their trust the company shall reveal information about their product, and the vision of the company about their customers will entice them to learn more about the company and their products (Okonkwo, 2007). Competitive Pricing In developed countries such as United Kingdom, the competition is very high because many companies are trying to satisfy their customers with discounted prices. Therefore, the company has to make their pricing according to the market price and similar to competitors pricing (Okonkwo, 2007). Global Strategy Brand Architecture and Differentiation It is very important for the company to differentiate its product with competitors and create uniqueness in their product which shall entice customers in repeat purchases. The clarity of the brand message and values are of great importance to the company to avoid confusion in the mind of consumers (Gelder, 2005). Focus on Consumers The company’s strategy should be aligned with the needs of consumers because after all because consumers are at the heart of everything a company does. ...
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