Marketing and Distribution Management

Marketing and Distribution Management Essay example
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Student Name Class Date 1. Introduction Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, having its base in Suwon, South Korea, is a multinational in the electronics industry. This company is a subsidiary the Samsung Group of Conglomerates and according to revenue is the largest technology company in the world since 2009.


Statistics for the company as per the year 2011 showed that the company has 221,726 employees and its assets total USD 135.131 billion. The company’s main areas of products are mobile phones, televisions, semiconductors along with LED and LCD panels. 1 b. Marketing and Selling Concept Marketing is a collective process through which Individuals and groups attain what they require and want by creating, offering and exchanging products and services which considered as valuable with others. The major concepts hold in this perspective is: Selling Concept This Inside-out perspective assumes that people must be sold whatever good or service the firm wants to offer. First it is decided what should be produced and then is selected a strategy to persuade people to buy the decided product. This approach implies that great deals of promotional or selling activities are needed to make the product move through the market to the consumers. The Selling Concept could be summarized as 1) Start with deciding what the firm wants to make; 2) Persuade the customers to buy the given product; and 3) It is aimed at ‘getting rid of what consumers have’. Marketing concept According to this concept, the achievement of organizational goals depends greatly on knowledge of needs and wants of the target markets. ...
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