Reflective exercise for studing marketing module

Reflective exercise for studing marketing module Essay example
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Reflective Paper on International Marketing Course Student Name Instructors Name Course University Date of Submission The course of International Marketing brought a deeper understanding and analytical capabilities in every student of the class. The lectures and the seminars opened new learning opportunities for us including formation of new concepts and removal of old obsolete ones.


My knowledge on the topic of international marketing has improved tremendously as a result of the classes and lecture sessions. I have learnt that the strategies of marketing for internal businesses have become a crucial and cumbersome task in today’s competitive world. Globalisation is one of the most important contributing factors to international marketing strategies. My information was updated to a much greater extent in the areas of international marketing and its impact on global factors to an organization’s managerial decision making, the approaches of entering new markets, designing and developing new products for international markets, the attributes of marketing research internationally, the marketing mix for international business and a lot more. Our group comprised of three members including me. We had diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds two of us are Chinese and one belonged to Saudi Arabia. Due to the difference in cultural and religious backgrounds I learnt how to communicate and manage a diverse team. We as a team found out that the business rules of International Marketing are not the same as they used to be few years ago. ...
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