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Case Study
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Name Date Professor’s name Course Section/# Marketing Q&A’s Q1) Does the Mission Statement or Vision of the firm in question reflect the company’s focus on customers and consumers? For the firm that I have chosen, Zara, what was unique about the firm is that its vision statement and/or corporate mission statement did not reflect the fact that the firm was ultimately focused on the consumer.


This was a noted drawback within both the vision and mission statements. As such, without a clear focus on the consumer, for those interested parties who review the mission and or vision statement, the emphasis that the firm places n achieving a degree of customer loyalty and/or customer satisfaction is something that is not referenced at all. In this way, the firm could most certainly benefit from a recalibration of the mission statement and vision that it currently displays (Zara 2011). Although it is heartening to see the that the firm pays such a great deal of attention to the environment and environmental concerns, completely ignoring the role and importance that the customer plays with relation to the business model is perhaps shortsighted. Q2) Description of the career you considered and why you found it attractive. Choose one describe what academic degrees, business experience, language skills etc that you will need to be successful. After reviewing the great diversity of careers that are available to the individual interested in a career in marketing, I was particularly drawn to a career in public relations. ...
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