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Contemporary Issues in Fashion

From the essay it is clear the concept of eco-friendly fashion designing and manufacturing process has been revolved quite significantly. Several fashion designers and manufacturers are trying to develop eco-friendly clothes and apparel products considering the growing demand for eco-friendly apparel products among the consumers. Therefore, the manufacturers of 3D printed clothes are helping the industry to bring sustainability. 3D printing on clothes has both opportunities and challenges in the sustainability of the fashion industry. This particular movement may has to face some possible future challenges regarding the sustainability of the fashion industry.
As the report declares the potential future opportunities of 3D printing process in the sustainability of the global fashion industry have been discussed below. Higher degree of production wastage in the post-manufacturing process can be considered as a critical challenge for the manufacturers of the apparel products. High production wastage generally increases the production cost of the manufacturers and designers. On the other hand, it is also true that several traditional stitching processes generally force the manufacturers or designers to charge extra custom price. It ultimately affects the purchasing power of the consumers. Now-a-days, emergence of 3D printing technology in the fashion industry has helped designers and manufacturers to use required strides for a particular printing on a particular apparel product. In an addition to it, there are several benefits of using this 3D printing process. ...
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This particular essay will discuss the potential change in the sustainability of the fashion industry considering the use of 3D printing. The discussion will be backed by thorough analysis and examples. Global fashion industry is capitalizing on potential business operation opportunities…
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