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Marketing Communications Assignment Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Integrated Marketing Communication of Coca-Cola 3 Promotional Mix Elements of IMC 3 Other Marketing Mix Elements 6 Marketing Communications Program of Coca-Cola 7 Works Cited 9 Integrated Marketing Communication of Coca-Cola The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational beverage corporation which was established in the year 1886.


One of the recognized products of the company, i.e. Coca-Cola Zero, was launched in the year 2006. Moreover, with this brand, the company offers a non-sugar version of beverage for the consumers. The company established ‘The Zero Movement’ (TZM) with the intention of promoting this product in the market among the consumers. In this regard, the company utilized this method as an IMC tool for enhanced promotion of the product (UTS – CRICOS, “Coca Cola Zero Launch”). Promotional Mix Elements of IMC The promotional mix or IMC tools are effective methods of promoting as well as creating awareness among consumers about products which are to be launched by a company. The promotional mix elements which are inculcated within IMC program are as follows: Advertising Coca-Cola uses this IMC tool in an effective manner in order to promote its product, i.e. Coca-Cola Zero This product was promoted among consumers as ‘Real Taste, Zero Sugar’ (UTS – CRICOS, “Coca Cola Zero Launch”). ...
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