The Critical Success Factor Report for Oriental Mart Nottingham

The Critical Success Factor Report for Oriental Mart Nottingham Coursework example
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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Critical Success Factor Report of the Nottingham Convenience Store 1. Introduction 1.1 Company Background The company oriental mart was first formed as an online market company that specialized in offering oriental careering services.


This growth in business prompted its expansion into traditional retailing by opening its first store in 2008 locating it in the busy city centre. The reason for this move was to provide a convenience store for people at the city and for people who are visiting it on a daily basis. 1.2 `Research Objectives The significance of carrying out this Critical Success Factor Report (CSF) was to establish the factors that contributed to the success of a business. This report is aimed at researching on the factors that made orient mart to be successful in the online retail business sector. This is to be achieved through collecting feedback from customers and asking the management questions relating to the strategies and practices that make the company a success. This is in order to determine what makes the business a success in its area of specialization. The rationale of this study was to gather information regarding the company’s success in the retail sector. 1.3 Methodology In carrying out the research process, the use of questionnaires was employed to get the required data from customers. This research process involved the printing a total of 200 questionnaires that were distributed to the public. Half of these questionnaires totalling 100 were given to regular customers who were willing to take part in this survey. ...
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