Retail Market Analysis - Mobile Phone Retailing in the UK for the last quarter of 2011 (October – December).

Retail Market Analysis - Mobile Phone Retailing in the UK for the last quarter of 2011 (October – December). Essay example
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The potentials of each firm to compete effectively its rivals can vary in markets worldwide. In extremely competitive markets, such as the UK market, the growth of each firm is depended on its ability to identify strategies that offer a competitive advantage.


Current paper focuses on the mobile phone industry of UK; the country’s mobile retail market is analysed emphasizing on the last quarter of 2011. Reference is also made to the industry’s performance in the past, especially during 2011, since it is considered as a valid indicator of the industry’s performance not only in the last quarter of 2011 but also in the future. A problem has appeared when reviewing the performance of the sector’s major competitors for the last quarter of 2011: not all of these firms publish their financial accounts and it was not possible to retrieve these figures through the organizations’ websites. However, where such information was not available, other websites, providing information on this issue, have been used as alternatives for identifying the financial performance of mobile retailing firms in UK for the 4th Quarter of 2011. Also, where figures are not available for the particular period of time, such as for example in the case of Hutchison, reference is made to the performance of the firm for the entire 2011 so that the comparison of the performance of the firm with its rivals to be feasible.
Mobile phone sector in the UK - overview
Mobile phone industry is quite valuable for the UK economy. Currently, the mobile connections in UK are estimated to 81 million (Mobile Operators Association 2012). In fact, the sector’s operators have managed to gain about a 71% of the telecommunications sector in UK (Mobile Operators Association 2012). ...
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