Situation analysis and media objectives

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Unethical practices by guerilla marketers Guerilla marketing is the unconventional advertising means that aims at cost minimization.It is based on human psychology and perception on certain goods advertised rather than market competition and quality


This method aims at increasing the number of sales and transactions with the current customers instead of looking for new customers. This method works best for already known products, and it can not do well for new products. The guerilla marketers are exceedingly expensive, and this limits the number of clients they serve. Most of these marketers have been victims of advertising counterfeit products, and this has impacted negatively on their reputation in the economy. How to curb the problem To make these marketers efficient, they should reduce the service cost so as to attract many clients. They should also widen their scope of operation by offering high quality advertising to their client. The marketers should also increase their target market by looking for a new audience while maintaining the current. The marketers must carry out quality tests on the products they advertise to ensure they are of acceptable quality by the consumers. The use of modern technology especially the internet and modern marketing trends will enable them to increase their market share. Broadcast media In DSTV channel 7, there were 7 adverts broadcasted at 20:00Gmt. Three of the adverts featured local advertisers while the remaining four had national advertisers. This was attributable to the nature of the product and the producing nations. Five of the products that were advertised were national products while three were local. ...
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