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ROUTINE AND GOODWILL EMAILS (Author’s Name) (Institutional Affiliation) (Date) Routine Email Date: 06, February, 2013 From: (Name) To:   Accounts Assistants Subject: Departmental meeting We will be having our weekly meeting on 19th February 2013 in the board room from 10:00 am.


For this reason, the audit accounts for the last financial year show good a performance of the branch. This is because there was an increase in profits as a result of a decrease in the expenses. With this being said, the head office has given recommendations us to go to other branches to train our fellow workmates on how to achieve the same goal. To show my appreciation as the team leader, I will be rewarding each one of you during a special dinner that will be held on February 15, 2013 from 8.00pm. I encourage you to invite your friends and families to attend. Regards, (Name) Chief Accountant Summary Analyzing the routine e-mail, it manages to give information on when and where the meeting will take place. The application of this principle is to help the employees prepare well for the meeting. The email has a positive tone and language which help encourage the readers to attend the meeting (Goleman, 2007). This also helps to avoid offending or alienating any individual. The email is clear and direct with short sentences, and the agenda addresses the specific items that will be discussed. ...
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