Elephants and the Wind: Creativity Sparking Bigger and Better Ideas.

Elephants and the Wind: Creativity Sparking Bigger and Better Ideas. Essay example
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One thought leads to the next until a problem becomes realized, which then leads to the need for a solution. It is in looking for a solution that creativity comes into play, creating a gap filling experience in which one idea is birthed against the problem that presents itself, spawning idea after idea until one core concept wins out over all of the others.


The question that was presented to me during an event of volunteering with some school children was how to incorporate their beliefs into a lesson that did not shatter their ability to create beliefs about the world. Where the original event of an art project provided context for teaching them about the weather, the surprising results of that project became the catalyst to a more richly evolved lesson that could teach them something about culture as well as the truth as it related to scientific discovery. Reflection upon that event can allow for me to understand a deeper meaning to the process of creativity, giving me a perspective on the event that was not previously considered.
The Event
I was asked by a friend to help with an art experience with some children from a local school, ages ranging from about 5-6. The children were asked to create an art project that explained how some aspect of weather worked. The children were encouraged to take on a topic of weather such as wind, snow, rain, or any other phenomenon of weather that they wanted to explain and to create a visual about how it happened in the world The children created the most marvellous mythologies about how they saw the world, many of them clearly coming from having only just thought about it, but still others seemed to have thought about the idea of something about the weather before the art project was presented to them. ...
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