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Assignment example - marketing

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Marketing Classification of e-books EBooks have changed the way book readers used to enjoy reading. Ebooks are viewable as text files or PDF documents. Similarly several other formats were developed mainly for the implementation of eBook with a goal to digitize the experience of reading books…

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The next format is EPUB which was developed by the “International Digital Publishing Forum” and is a variant of XML, ZIP and HTML format. Finally is the broadband eBooks which uses the .lrf file extension and are accessed by Sony corporation readers (Jaebi, “Types of Ebooks”). Ebooks can be regarded as an experience derived by the reader. After several years of development and expectation, eBooks have begun to strengthen its place and formed a central part of information experience for the readers. Most of the users are aware of the eBook concept and said that they are useful and would incorporate eBooks into information experience (White Paper 2). Description of New Product Service industry is making use of new product development to the most and is trying to provide quality service with the new form of products to its customers. For example in the hotel industry most of the hotels have been introducing new products in the form of classier, elegant rooms, suits to fit the needs and wants of the customers. In addition most of the hotels have developed their own applications which are made available to iphones and other phones to keep the customer updated about any new offers, schemes and other related items in the hotel. This way the hotels are able to create an experience for the customers and customers seems to stay loyal with the hotels. ...
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I found the group activities that were part of the course to be quite stimulating. I will admit that the ‘Functional Presentation’ part of the course provided a greater challenge for me than did the mainly theoretical part of course; however, both sections challenged me to find new ways of learning. I found out that most of the time, businesses in today’s world operate in an environment…
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This is achieved through transforming the physical features and insubstantial insights of a marketing offering in relation to the rivalry. It is vital to note that position is not determined by the appearance of the product or the sustenance that it pursues to stimulate. However, it is instead the insight or appearance that takes a distinct location in the mindset of the consumer; furthermore,…
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2003, 504). Marketing structures that play roles in the strategic planning process include formalization, specialization and centralization (Kellar, A. 2009, 389). These structures are, particularly, important in shaping the performance of an organization (Laforet, S. 2012, 163). Formalization is the degree to which working relationships and decisions are governed by standard policies, procedures…
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