performance improvement in Public Private Partnerships

performance improvement in Public Private Partnerships Essay example
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PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT IN PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Public-private partnership affects a company’s performance particularly in the mid-term span of three-four years following the merge. Funds received for intermediated public-private partnership assuages financial constraints as well as aids a company in remaining more financially feasible by significantly reducing the prospect of insolvency up to 2.8 times 4 years following the financing application, and raising the average figure of headcount from 9.8 to 14.3 more personnel correspondingly 2-3 years following the application (Kortum & Lerner 2006).


Public-private financing alters the type of knowledge yielded along with the collaborative conduct of partners, with those companies in partnership cooperating 3.2 times more regularly (Mansfield 2009). The unique type of funding within the public-private partnerships indeed assuages capital constraints that in turn not only upsurges the financial feasibility of a company by augmenting the prospect of its survival, as well as increasing the company’s headcount (Fleming & Sorenson 2007). These outcomes are experienced during the mid-term span of the company since financing is focused towards certain innovative projects, which take a number of years to cultivate and market (Mansfield 2009). Through employing such underwriting programs, governments are capable of motivating companies to undertake basic technological projects. ...
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