Developing Marketing Capability

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Developing Marketing Capability [Student Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Developing Marketing Capability Introduction Marketing has become a very essential element of any business as it acts as the path between the company and its customers. With the change in corporate trends and environment, the need for reaching the customers and presenting company’s product has grown substantially.


What are their approaches, challenges, needs and ambitions to structure a marketing function The aim is to identify the relationship between marketing and organization performance, which is to assert marketing as a significant business function. Objectives Challenges faced by organizing in measuring marketing performance. To organize a marketing function in order to bring competitive advantage and true organizational success. To align marketing function with organizational goals, structure, capabilities and resources. This is to bring competitive advantage and success for the organization. Organizational Challenges in measuring Marketing Performance In an objective to improve marketing performance, organizations first have to measure marketing performance (Richardson, 2012). Without assessing or measuring performance organizations cannot get on with the improvement of capability, skill or performance. There are certain major challenges which organizations face in measuring marketing performance (Shaw & Pont, 2003). Likewise there are challenges to measure intangible customer value, loyalty or marketing outcome which inevitably leads organizations to incomplete assessment. ...
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