Arab economic integration

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Running Head: ARAB ECONOMIC INTEGRATION Topic: Arab economic integration Name: Course: Instructor’s Name: Date: Executive summary This research paper mainly focuses initiation of the Arab economic integration more specific on Persian Gulf GCC countries. It provides a clear description of the of the market environment in these countries as well as the strategies that the governments of the respective member states have put in place to enhance the efforts of integration.


Efforts of regional economic integration in these countries started earlier than any other developing region in the world at around 1950s, The Arab states resolved on adopting numerous regional economic agreements that aimed at lifting up trade barriers mainly on preferential basis (Hatinger, 2010). These initiatives of economic integration had a significant economic impact on these integrated countries. The economical success derived from this economic integration has been characterized with slow progress and success because of the similar economic and markets nature of these Arab countries. The studies and analysis of this intra Arab integration indicated that the slow accomplishment and realization of the success of this integration is due to the low intra regional trade of goods among the member states which directly imply to the returns and the expected benefits from the regional integration., the general incentives that in achieving the regional economic integration is weak. ...
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