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Definition of advertising

Advertising is a method of marketing communications aimed at persuading specific target groups to take new action or continue with their current actions. Adverts seek to drive the behavior of the consumer regarding a certain commercial offering. Messages in advertising are paid for by advertisers and can be viewed via new media, radio, TV, magazines, and newspapers. Advertisers will normally seek to increase product consumption via the use of branding that involves the association of their product with qualities, which might exist in the consumer’s mind. This paper seeks to review two magazine advertisements for Air Optix contact lenses and John Frieda collection’s hair products with emphasis on how the various adverts use images, phrases, and words to convince the consumers into purchasing their product. The advertisement for Air Optix Contact lenses seeks to appeal to the consumer and the qualities that he/she may have regarding what good contact lenses should provide. The advert uses an attractive and happy young woman to convince the consumer that the contact lenses will aid them become as happy, if not as pretty,as the woman in the picture.The woman also seems to be looking at something in the distance with a happy smile,which may signify that she is now able to appreciate the beauty and attractiveness of objects or people in the distance because she uses Air Optix contact lenses. The use of color in the advert is geared towards appealing to the consumer’s inner feelings. ...
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Advertising is a method of marketing communications aimed at persuading specific target groups to take new action or continue with their current actions. Adverts seek to drive the behavior of the consumer regarding a certain commercial offering…
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