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Disney Case Study 1. What does Disney do best to connect with its core consumers? Disney has many marketing strategies being used to connect to its core consumers. These strategies are considered to be the best for Disney to cater its market in any possible way.


These are geographic, demographic and psychographic, or better known as “multi-segment targeting” (Bui, 2012). Obviously, Disney’s main target markets are kids. However, the company caters not only the kids but the whole family, as well. Disney believes that adults used to be kids at one point in their lives (Bui, 2012). Second, strategy that Disney used according to Bui (2012) is to know and understand the market. Disney makes a connection to its core consumers so that the company can build a relationship to them. In that way, Disney can provide their core consumers different products and services to their own preference and satisfaction. Hence, it connects to the next strategy which is product strategy. In product strategy, Disney connects to its core consumers in a way that their products are “based on delighting the customer” (Bui, 2012). Since Disney has many business segments, Disney caters their core consumers by innovating and continual modernity in their products and services to provide better quality to their target consumers while attracting new customers. In addition, Disney uses effective marketing and promotion strategy to build loyalty to their consumers like social media and conventional media (Bui, 2012). Lastly, Disney’s best way to connect to its core consumers is through expansion (Bui, 2012). ...
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