Red Bull stratos PR Campaign

Red Bull stratos PR Campaign Assignment example
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Red Bull stratos PR Campaign (Student’s Name) (Instructor’s Name) (Course Name) (Date) Red Bull Stratos PR Campaign One of the notable marketing strategies that Red Bull adopted in its effort to reach more customers and create a strong positive customer-product relationship is Red Bull Stratos PR Campaign.


To ensure that consumers are aware of the various benefits of Red Bull, the company has established a user friendly website ( Through this website, the company does not only enhance consumer awareness, but also it indicates the extent to which technology can be used in marketing (Guiltinan et al, 1996). With a headline of world biggest jump, Red Bull website highlights the roles of Felix and the marketing team to portray Red Bull as the source of strength and wisdom. Red Bull Stratos PR Campaign is well displayed through Youtube. In this way, the brand has captured the attention of young consumers who regularly visit internet marketing sites. As a result, Red Bull became a major competitor in the soft drink industry whose leader is Coca-Cola Company. Red Bull Stratos PR Campaign took place on October 14, 2012 in US. Based on the confidence and daring nature of Felix Baumgartner, the brand gives an indication of the level at which brands can change consumer behavior as well as improving their welfare. The major aim of this campaign was to attract new consumers and retain the trust of the existing customers. This goal was achieved through innovation an aspect that is used by most of the market leaders in the international market. ...
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