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Internationalisation of Fashion Company in Brazil - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper
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This research paper talks about the internationalization strategies in Brazil to be pursued by such famous fashion companies as Ralph Lauren and Carolina Herrera Company. The paper also analyzes the factors that play a crucial role in the process of internationalization…

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Internationalisation of Fashion Company in Brazil

The research paper "Internationalisation of Fashion Company in Brazil" talks about the ways to present a luxury fashion company on the Brazil fashion market and how to successfully expand its consumer.
The internationalization strategy to be pursued should be chosen carefully in order to determine the best approach in the luxury fashion product market. The foreign market expansion is not a new concept. For over two decades, intercontinental development in the trend industry had been unparalleled. The emergence of super-brands has sparked intense competition. The market positioning of some brands makes them more appealing than others. Internationalization can be defined as the sourcing of goods from overseas markets.
Buying from worldwide markets is aggravated by the economic and competitive consideration. Fashion companies seek to obtain gain from a low cost of labor in the underdeveloped economies. The global fashion brand has caused most of the people to look for the most successful brands like the Ralph Lauren and Carolina Herrera. The super brands have left the fashion buyers with little choice but to ignore the lesser known brands. Expansion strategies are important when dealing with recessionary pressure.
The emergence of a cosmopolitan and fashion-informed consumer market has caused global expansion. And technology has enabled online transactions. This led to an amplified union in worldwide lifestyles. This allowed the fashion industry retailers to correspond efficiently with the customers in foreign markets. ...
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