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Business Case Analysis Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 A. 3 B. 4 C. 6 Reference 8 A. Pfizer, which is one of the world’s most popular pharmaceutical companies, has its headquarters in New York. The America based multinational drug company manufactures medicines and vaccines which are aimed for treating a wide range of diseases.


Talking about the mission and vision of the company, it can be said that vision of a company represents the long terms goals, while the mission comprises of multiple short term goals. Talking on this note, it can be said that the company Pfizer’s long term goal is tremendously focused on the global well being. Talking on this note, it can be said that the vision of Pfizer is to work together for the development of a better world (Pfizer-a, 2011). Talking about the global pharmaceutical giant’s mission statement, it is very interesting to note that the company’s focus is to apply science and other global resources for the improvement of health of human life at every stage (Pfizer-b, n.d). The company also tries to focus on various key values which comprises of integrity, performance, innovation, collaboration, respect for people, care for community, leadership, focus on quality as well as customer (Pfizer-c, 2009). While analyzing the mission and vision statement, that the company has developed in regards to serving the markets of emerging as well as developed economies, it has to be said in these regards that the goals of both long and short term are highly in perfect compatibility and synchronization with the core competencies and strengths of the organization. B. ...
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