Critically analyse the role of Perception in Consumer Behaviour.

Critically analyse the role of Perception in Consumer Behaviour. Essay example
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Critically Analyse the Role of Perception in Consumer Behaviour Table of Contents Introduction 3 Perceptual Process 3 Sensory Stimuli 5 Exposure 7 Attention 8 Interpretation 9 Sensory System 9 How Do Marketers Get Attention 10 Recommendations 11 Conclusion 11 References 12 16 Introduction The conception of ‘consumer behaviour’ refers to those activities which are directly related with the purchase, consumption along with disposition of diverse products and/or services in a given industrial context (Gonclaves, 2008).


This particular aspect can further be observed as a multidimensional concept which in itself is quite challenging to be defined and identified in the real life context being influenced by various other attributes such as cultural beliefs, social diversity and lifestyle needs (Desmond, 2003). The paper intends to discuss regarding the role of perception in consumer behaviour with particular focus on the UK based brands. Moreover, this paper also discusses regarding the exposure, attention, interpretation and sensation of consumers while making purchasing decisions towards different products and services. Perceptual Process In its simple meaning, perception can be associated with gathering of information through our senses i.e. through seeing, hearing and tasting among others. In other words, perception can be related with a process by which humans become familiar and aware of a particular event and interprets a stimulus. It can further be argued that not all the human beings are alike in all contexts. ...
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