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Applied Marketing Management

This report focuses on social media which is the difficulty associated with tracking the effectiveness of social media advertisements since many of the effects and outcomes of advertising take a long time to develop. Pretest attempts to ease before or after evaluation of potential effectiveness of elements of the advertising program.
The report presents customer delight, satisfaction, dissatisfaction which emerge as outcome. Marketer have to go above and beyond the call of duty to manage expectations effectively, especially when expectations are unrealistic. Firms should look for small ways to delight customers without elevating expectations beyond what can reasonably be delivere. In order to maintain and manage customer satisfaction strategically, a better understanding of customer product expectation is important. Expectations can vary due to degree of personal needs, involvement in situations and alternatives. By analyzing zone of tolerance managers are able to come up with various ways of improving expectation and performance as part of developing strategies aimed at improving customer satisfaction. To enhance and maintain customer relationships managers uses effective and easy financial incentives including discount and coupons. Are easily imitated and difficult to end. Social bonding involve use of clubs to maintain clientele. It is difficult and minimizes brand switching. It is time consuming. ...
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This essay stresses that fragmentation is spread of attention across an increasing array of media and entertainment choices. Consumers spend less time with traditional media forcing marketers to adapt by finding newer, more effective ways to reach their target audiences…
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