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Corporate Governance and Finance Table of Content Overview 3 Company Background 4 Company History 5 Company’s Strategic Direction 5 Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility 6 Comparative Analysis of Company’s position in view of Economic Change (Fiscal Year 2011 vs.


with the last 8 months and relate its performance to the effectiveness of its corporate governance. Various researches have revealed that superior corporate governance is greatly correlated with improved operating performance as well as market valuation (Klapper & Love, 2002; Gompers, P., et al, 2001). This is because companies with enhanced corporate governance would provide their shareholders with stronger rights, resulting in better performance and market value (Shleifer & Wolfenson, 2002; Shleifer& Vishny, 1997). In order to conduct the study in a methodical way, the paper first focuses on the background and history of Apple Inc., following which the paper discusses the strategic direction and corporate social responsibility of Apple. Subsequently, the financial position of the Company is assessed in view of the economic changes. For a more detailed understanding of Apple’s performance, the share price movements of the company during the last 8 months are examined. The corporate governance norms of an exchange listed company are largely influence by its institutional ownership (Li et al, 2006). Hence, the paper would further accentuate on the composition of Apple’s Shareholders and their performance. ...
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