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Retail Management Report

The growing interest in Chinese and oriental culture including food has spawned a new era of Chinese/ oriental restaurants. China China is a restaurant that wants to offer Chinese cuisine to customers and therefore needs information about the sub industry on a variety of retail aspects. This retail audit will use collected data from a survey on Mandarin restaurant to propose effective marketing methods for China China Chinese restaurant based on the gathered social information. The recommendations will entail decisions on segmentation, location, product ranges, pricing, ambience at the restaurant, customer service, employees, and the necessary work force, a budget, and how the business is sustainable. The recommendations will also cover communications; and thereafter draw a conclusion based on the survey Company background China China is a restaurant business with the intention of establishing in the city of………. The company is entering into a fast growing retail industry of Oriental and Chinese cuisine, which is becoming very popular. The owner of the business is a local with an eye for restaurant investments and no prior experience in Chinese restaurant cuisine. ...
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Retail Management Report [Insert Name] [Insert Course Name] [Insert Institution] [Insert Professor Name] [Insert Date] [Author Note If Any] Introduction A retail business is started primarily to generate profits of course with the risk of running a loss; the objectives of the business can be achieved best by carrying out a retail audit to establish the best way to position the business and utilize available resources for maximum returns say Birn (2004)…
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