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Name: Course: Date: CRM and Sales Management Since the introduction of the term marketing mix by Neil Borden for the very first time in 1953, many changes have occurred in the consumer and business environment, promoting the argument that the use of the marketing mix is inadequate in the changing marketing environment.


Secondly, the changes in the business environment may require adjustments in the approaches to the application of the 4Ps, which would mean that it is not the overhaul of the marketing mix that forms the solution to the ever changing business environment, but the approach in its application. Lastly, the continued application of the marketing mix limits the development of further market controllable factors, which are more plausible to suit the current marketing environment. In the light of this, it becomes essential to distinguish what informs the current business environment, and creates the prospective of fulfilling the marketing need; consumer satisfaction (Belohlavek, 2008 p23). In arguing out this case, this discussion supports the proposition that the marketing mix is inadequate in the changing marketing environment, and thus needs revision to incorporate the presently developed, yet vital controllable factors that are influencing the survival and suitability of a commodity in the market. The marketing mix is composed of four business environmental components, namely price, product, place and promotion. ...
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