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Name of the Student Name of the Professor Course Number Date Abu Dhabi Police Institution and Training Centre: A Case Study The Organization Governments of many countries are relying more on the foreign talents rather than the local people to handle administrative jobs.


One such issue became prominent in 2010, when the government of Singapore made changes in their policies related to the employment of foreign people. The government eased regulations on hiring foreign workers in order to ensure local people get the opportunity to fill up the vacancies. However, before 2010, the government of Singapore was very much enthusiastic in recruiting foreign employees. This created a number of issues within the country regarding the approach of the government to hiring people. Nevertheless, the policy change brought gaiety and cheer among the local people of Singapore (“Eight Reasons”). This case will, however, focus on the scenario of the UAE, where the government relies on the foreign talents to hold vital positions of the organizations. The case can be further elaborated with the example of the Abu Dhabi Police Institution and Training Center, which is a government organization. The Abu Dhabi Police Institution and Training Center is one of the most important divisions of the UAE police department. This department is responsible for providing training to the General Directorate of the Abu Dhabi police. According to adpolice.gov.ae, "The General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police in Abu Dhabi Emirate operates with other agencies to achieve a safer society. ...
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