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Name Instructor: Task: Date Question One According to Jabbra and Jabbra (2005), six forces have a role in the development of administrative cultures, in the Middle East. These forces challenge the adoption of Western management innovations, administrative approaches and philosophies.


For instance, the government of UAE has a tendency of overstaffing departments. In most of these cases, these individuals do not have the necessary educational backgrounds and experiences to fit, in these departments. The need to overstaff government departments and agencies arise from the unemployment rates (Jabbra & Jabbra 137). Additionally, this need arises from the country’s dependence on oil production and economy. Recent efforts focusing on branching out face stiff competition and resistance from the oil industry and government activities directed towards the oil industry. Few non-energy based businesses face challenges in thriving in this economy because they lack the work force that has been concentrated, in the energy industry. The complexity and rigidity of rules in UAE further provide challenges to the adoption of Western governmental cultures. These rules are developed with an aim of concentrating power and growing the size of the government. This has led to an increase in unethical practices such as nepotism, corruption and misuse of public resources and office. The government or public sector creates immense job opportunities for the UAE residents. However, these jobs are usually open for UAE residents. For instance, Etisalat, which is a semi governmental corporation, is overstaffed with UAE residents (Jabbra & Jabbra 140). ...
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