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Essay example - Agency or in house advertising

Agency or in house advertising Essay example
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Before coming to the question whether ‘I’ll Run for You’ should pursue outside advertising agency or in-house advertising agency,some critical factors are needed to be considered. It is advisable that ‘I’ll Run for You’ should pursue outside advertising agency…

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Before coming to the question whether ‘I’ll Run for You’ should pursue outside advertising agency or in-house advertising agency, some critical factors are needed to be considered. Based upon the analysis, it is advisable that ‘I’ll Run for You’ should pursue outside advertising agency. The prior mentioned major reasons reveal that it is not applicable for ‘I’ll Run for You’ to run its own advertising agency. Needs & Resources Since the decision of advertisement responsibility for ‘I’ll Run for You’ is suggested to be an outside advertising agency, therefore no substantial resources are required. If Darla would had been recommended to pursue in-house marketing and advertising campaign then required resources would be considered such as hiring and training of employees, Research and Development etc. However, Darla needs a significant amount of cost to bear in order to make payment to the outside advertising agency. Therefore, the only concern or ‘need’ for Darla is to ensure her company can bear the required amount of upfront cost for outsourcing its advertising. Pros & Cons of In-house Advertising Department.Pros:• Timeliness; a strong in-house analytics team can provide refresh software models monthly. New business information related to a business or its competitors can quickly be adjusted into these models • Transparency and Consistency; an in-house process of advertisement allows a business to develop, validate and supervise the marketing analytics. • Data Assets; A centralized advertising system can evolve over the period to incorporate valuable and new data sources. • Enterprise Knowledge; In-house advertising allows a business to advertise in a convenient manner. ...
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