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Internship Report - Agency operator Essay example
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Executive Summary
Auto Rental services all across the world is a very lucrative business opportunity as it always caters to the basic needs of conveyance for a human being.


This paper highlights the focus on a new area of UK, where there is no activity for AVIS auto rental. Further into the paper, it discusses the product design which will be useful to cater to the needs of the consumers of Oxford Street and generate revenues for the company. It then proceeds to focus on focus on the basic 4P’s of marketing – Product, Place, Promotion and Price. An effective pricing is very important in this case. There are multiple numbers of competitors that are buzzing around in UK, and have the potential to pick the same spot as a battlefield. So fixing a highly competitive and affordable price to occupy the share of minds amongst the consumers and high brand recall is very brilliant. The paper, further down the line, also focuses on ways and means to market the route and location of the service in order to make the consumers aware of its offerings. It also brings into focus the possible staffing of employees to maintain an efficient manpower base. And finally, it also discusses the operational details and aspects that are required and considered vital for the efficient delivery of the product.
Executive Summary 2
Market Overview 4
About the Company 4
Designing of the Product 5
Marketing Strategy 5
Product 5
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Promotion 6
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