Harvard Business Review Case : How to analyse a case study

Harvard Business Review Case : How to analyse a case study Essay example
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Analysing a Case Study Part 1 The main purpose of this essay is to find out the key issues in the case study. The case study deals with the issues related to the marketing plan of Glenmeadie. Glenmeadie is a scotch whiskey distiller company. The company is well known for its long term operation in the market and continuous supply of excellent quality products.


Firstly the company has focussed mainly in conducting several marketing programs in various cities of the United States for the promotion of its products as well as interaction with the customers. The problem arises due to the fact that conducting such programs requires huge marketing expenses. The company have to take steps towards its cost control. The program conducted in New York, for the purpose of direct interaction with the customers, went over budget. The company is cutting its expenses related to the Research & Development, but greater concentration is required in this field in order to bring an innovation in its products. Although the company has developed strong interactive capabilities on its own website and many other customer interfaces in order to build a strong customer connection with its brand, but half of the cost is utilized due to the conduction of these marketing programs resulting in insufficiency in funds for Research & Development. Ellis Cameron, the master distiller of the company has pointed out the fact that too much of the expenses is being made towards enhancing strong customer relations. He said that the company is neglecting the basic needs of the customers. Despite of the age and reputation of the company, it is attempting to increase its revenue relying on the marketing efforts only. ...
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