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Justifying the product/market decisions taken in terms of market selection/entry and product, communication and pricing strategi

On the other hand, there are markets that are quite popular, in terms of marketing, due to their performance but also due their future perspectives. The Chinese market is such market. The entrance of a new product, a car, in the Chinese market is explored in this paper. The various aspects of the relevant marketing plan are presented and explained trying to show how the characteristics of each market can influence the structure and content of the marketing plans related to the particular market. It is proved that the specific strategic initiative, i.e. the entrance of a new car in the Chinese market, would have many chances to succeed but only if the whole process would be carefully designed and monitored through all its phases. 2.Introduction - Product introduction Automotive industry is a quite successful industry in the context of the global market. In fact, according to a report published in November of 2012, last year has been quite important for auto sellers worldwide since the sales in the industry were quite high (CBS News 2012). For this reason, the industry’s analysts have estimated that 2013 will be a year of record profits for the automotive industry (CBS News 2013). ...
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Marketing of a product/ car in the Chinese market Table of contents 1.Executive summary 3 2.Introduction - Product introduction 3 3. Method Entry – PESTLE 4 4. Limitations and challenges 4.1 Short term limitations 6 4.2 Long term limitations 6 5. Communication strategy 5.1 Advertising 7 5.1.1 Marketing mix 7 5.1.2 Promotional tools 8 5.1.3 Sales promotions 8 6…
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