Qualities of a Successful International Marketing Strategy

Qualities of a Successful International Marketing Strategy Essay example
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International marketing strategy is mostly focused on the global scale and harmonisation of marketing operations, and the level of product and/or service adaptation and standardisation, advertising, and branding.


International marketing strategy is rooted in an investigation of the level of globalisation of different features of the market setting, such as variations and similarities in consumer preferences, culture, socioeconomic standing, technological standards, and so on. Therefore, it is evident that companies aspiring to compete successfully in global markets have to develop a decisive, purposeful, and appropriately designed international marketing strategy that is derived from a comprehensive knowledge of the markets which the organisation is operating in or aiming at. The Three Qualities Global markets are an aggressive environment that demands regular monitoring and assessment. Marketing strategies should be able to adapt to the dynamic nature of global markets. Innovation is an integral success factor, not merely with regard to product and/or service but the entire process of marketing. Value-oriented marketing and financial strategies are all turning out to be vital factors in the execution of a successful international marketing strategy (Doole & Lowe, 2008). Therefore, the mission of international marketing is to guarantee that all global strategies have the strength of comprehensive analysis and knowledge and precise assessment of what is needed to gain the most coveted competitive advantage. ...
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