Marketing plan report for Masafi company

Marketing plan report for Masafi company Essay example
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Masafi is a major fast moving consumer goods company located in the Gulf and Middle East (Masafi Corporate, 2013). The company invests in bottling water and other food products including snacks like potato chips and fruit juice.


It would examine the trends and choices for marketing and running the business. The report goes on to examine some important trends in the markets and deduce the competitor positions. It would identify the marketing potential and from there, the paper would formulate and recommend a marketing plan after identifying the marketing gaps that exist in Masafi. Background Analysis Masafi is focuses on mineral water and other food products that they produce in their factory and sell to customers in the Middle East, Persian Gulf and different parts of the world. Their products are unique and are tapped from the rich oases and mountains of Masafi, a region in the north-east of the United Arab Emirates. Masafi's competitive strength is in the fact that it produces world class water and consumer goods with a high degree of natural freshness and health potentials. Masafi is also reputed for being environmental-friendly in its approach of doing things. Past History The Masafi mountains and region is a vegetated mountainous region in the United Arab Emirates. The region contrasts the area in the vast west of the region which is mainly a sandy desert area. Masafi has a reputation of being an area with numerous springs and oases which were documented in Roman times. ...
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