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Marketing Strategies Section 1: Introduction The speciality bike manufacturing company named Global Bikes Company, located in Melbourne of Australia, should largely consider the various elements of macro-environment for the purpose of attaining its various expected business targets.


The main purpose of this essay is to develop an effective marketing strategy for Global Bikes Co. considering various significant aspects. The different major aspects include the identification of the target market, setting marketing objectives and the facets of marketing mix strategies of Global Bikes. Section 2: Target Market The target market for Global Bikes can be identified by executing certain market segmentation variables on the basis of four major categories that include demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioural environment. The important market segmentation variable of the demographic environment is concerned with the aspect of age structure. Fundamentally, the demographic environment is very much important for the business organisations due to the fact that it significantly deals with certain vital components such as market size and population among others. In this regard, Global Bikes must consider the significant factors of age structure in relation to the segmentation variable of demographic environment while implementing its marketing strategies. In this connection, the company should emphasise largely upon the different age groups of different people that include the teenage, children, young, old age and adults. ...
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